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Stockton Tree Surgeon provides residential and commercial customers with a comprehensive tree felling service. Our expert tree surgeons have the years of experience and qualifications to fell and safely remove any tree of size. You may have decided by now if you’re reading this that you need your tree removed from your premise as it may have structural damage, could be hazardous or need a landscape redesign. Whatever the reason may be you can be certain that we will provide you with professional and legal knowledge of how and when to carry out your tree removal.

Selecting a tree surgeon in Stockton who holds the updated accreditations and competently trained to handle tree removals, is very important. As tree surgery involves risk to structural properties, wildlife, and human lives. Using our team of trained and industry leading arborist we will safely cut the tree into pieces to be taken down to avoid damage to properties.

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Tree felling is the action of cutting down a tree. Tree’s can be cut using several methods. Tree felling can also be referred to as tree removal there is no difference between them, only how they our removed.

Sectional Tree Felling

Sectional felling is cutting a tree into manageable sections which are then lowered to the ground using ropes and slings. Sectional felling requires expertise and can be dangerous if done wrong. The smallest errors can become can cause property damage or at worst injury to humans.

Sectional felling is utilized when the tree is placed in a tight space and can’t be straight felled. Our tree surgeons will cut off the largest limbs first and guide them down to a drop zone. Our tree surgeons have skills and capability of navigating through tight spaces. We use the latest rigging techniques to safely remove your trees.

Straight Tree Felling

Straight tree felling involves making cuts so that the tree can fall in one go. The first cut is made at the base of the trunk to determine the direction of fall. Then another “notch cut” is used to ensure the tree falls to the ground in one motion. straight felling can be applied if there is a large enough space for the tree to land on, allowing the tree to fall without hitting anything around it. Before the process begins, the area should be marked and baricadded, thereby protecting nearby buildings and people. The fall will be controlled so as not to damage the lawn or land where the tree is located. It should only be performed by a qualified professional with appropriate safety equipment, such as ropes and tree blocks.


Tree surgery is a complex and daunting task, if you’ve ever seen a tree removal in sight then you’ve witnessed first-hand, how important it is for it to be done by a professional. We have strict procedures and industry standards in place to make sure every tree is removed in a safe & efficient manner.

  • The tree has overgrown its location.
  • Overgrowing branches in playing areas, pedestrians walk or highways.
  • The tree has structural damage or decay.
  • Emergencies if a tree has fallen or leaning for severe weather conditions.

These are some prominent reasons when you should call a tree surgeon right away. There are many other reasons to but may just require tree trimming/pruning. If you have any questions regarding tree removal, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide Free advice and no obligation quotes.

Tree Removal FAQs

Do I need permission to fell trees Stockton?

You will need permission from the local council if your tree’s are protected by a tree preservation order or within a conservation area.

Do I need a tree felling license?

The forestry Commission controls tree felling by issuing felling licenses. A felling license must be obtained by either the owner, agent or contractor before carrying out any work. Although there are some exemptions such as felling dangerous tree’s or urgent work is required to mitigate against the risks of the trees.

How long does Tree Felling take?

Tree removal and tree felling can take anywhere from 2 hours to couple of days. Smaller trees on residential properties can be removed in 2-4 hours, Multiple large tree’s in woodlands or commercial properties may take anywhere from 2 days to 7 days.

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