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Have you got large or overgrown tree on your premises? Then you may be looking for a professional tree pruning service to remedy your problem. Our professional tree surgeons in Stockton offer experienced & extensive knowledge when it comes to all tree care. Our professional tree surgeons will shape & trim overgrown branches reducing its size and increasing sunlight exposure to your tree and property.

It is important to know that tree pruning is a generic term to describe several techniques which means the selective removal of branches to achieve a desired goal. Our comprehensive tree pruning services makes sure to remove dead & diseased branches to ensure healthy regrowth.

Our expert arborist assesses each individual tree in relation to its size, condition, specie & location, So that it receives the best possible treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts as we can provide you expert advice with free no obligate quotes.

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Tree Trimming and Pruning is an umbrella term of a few techniques used in tree trimming which are :

  1. Crown Lifting
  2. Crown Thinning
  3. Crown Reduction
  4. Tree Pollarding

Tree pruning may seem like just cutting any overhanging branch to the average joe. But unfortunately, they’re mistaken tree pruning is a skilled craft, that’s why there are law’s and regulations professional tree surgeons must adhere to, from which tree’s can be cut, when to cut them and how to cut them. For example, we follow the British Standard (BS3998) guidelines which states all final cuts must be made at branch collar. Here at Tree surgeons Stockton we also use the ABC cut method where risk of tearing is reduced. At no point will we ever attempt flash cuts.

We will lower large limbs slowly to the ground using ropes & slings unless we’re dealing with a large tree in which case may need a bucket crane. We will then prune dead, diseased, or damaged branches back to its corresponding collar.

As you can see Tree pruning requires knowledge and experience so that your tree’s don’t fall prone to further diseases or structural damage. Entrust us for all your tree care services and you’re guaranteed to receive the exceptional results and beautifying your landscape all at an affordable price.

Crown Lifting in Stockton

Crown Lifting is done to create more space below the tree, while retaining the natural shape of the tree. Crown lifting is done to create a clearance below the tree for people, cars or access. Crown lifting is achieved by cutting lower branches, allowing more light to pass through. Tree Surgeon Stockton have the experience and expertise to perform crown lifting services on tree’s of all shapes and sizes.

Crown Reduction in Stockton

You may need our Crown reduction services if you tree’s have outgrown its habitable space. Crown reduction helps to maintain the natural framework of the crown. Our tree surgeons will assess the tree before determining a certain amount of the crown to be reduced. We will then carefully prune branches and stems to a certain point. This will reduce the size and weight of the the canopy.

Crown Thinning in Stockton

Crown thinning is done by selectively removing inner and outer branches of the tree’s canopy, whilst keeping its structure intact. Crown thinning helps to increase light and airflow within the tree. In some cases where a tree may be to large we may need to use a mobile elevated work platform such as a crane.

Tree Pollarding in Stockton

Tree Pollarding is when trees are cut to the main stem or trunk, ultimately controlling the height of the main stem itself. Tree pollarding helps to keep the tree at a specific height. Tree pollarding is usually done on tree’s in commercial and street roads. This is due to the fact that tree pollarding is a more effective way of tree maintenance for tree’s that can become dangerous to by-passers and drivers.

Tree Pruning Stockton FAQs

What’s the difference between Crown Lifting and Crown thinning?

Crown lifting is targets the lower section of the tree to create clearance, whilst crown thinning removes inner and outer branches to reduce the size of the tree whilst keeping it neat. Both pruning methods aim to increase light and airflow throughout the tree.

How much does crown Lifting cost?

Crown lifting is relatively the cheapest pruning technique, A small tree less then 20ft could cost £200. The cost of crown lifting depends on the size and location of the tree. We aim to keep our prices competitive, so please contact us for a free on-site quotation.

Is Tree Surgeon Stockton insured to carry out Tree Pruning?

Our team of skilled tree surgeons all have the relevant qualifications and insurance to undertake any tree work for the public. Read more in our about us to see our qualifications and certifications.

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