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Welcome to Tree surgeon Hartburn.We’re specialists, respected throughout the Durham for our in-depth expertise in all aspects of tree surgery. We promise a complete peace of mind, and this is verified by our arborist qualifications that all our tree surgeons have.

Our team of certified arborist are equipped to handle tree removal projects of all shapes & sizes. We carefully evaluate each tree’s condition and location to implement a safe and efficient removal plan. We use state-of-the-art equipment and industry-best-practices, we promise the safe removal of unwanted trees from your property, leaving it clean and tidy

We realize the tree-related terminology can be complex and confusing, that’s why we try to educate our customers on the best courses of action to take. A well-informed customer is a happy customer. Our team of Specialist tree surgeons are committed to providing you with free advice and tree surveys. Something as simple as advising you on the risks of crown reduction in the spring, as this can cause a tree to ‘bleed’ with sap, or helping you identify the best soil types for your tree planting.  We Realize that tree removal’s can be a daunting task, we also understand you may have several questions , that’s why our certified and trained staff have the expertise and legal knowledge to make sure your tree removal is done in the safest and environmentally friendly way possible. We go far and beyond for our customers.

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We’re fully insured and have the knowledge and expertise to handle any tree-related task.

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Tree removal in urban streets



There are many reasons to our Accredited, Certified & Fully Insured tree surgeons in Hartburn. Here are just a few:

Safety – Safety is by far the number 1 priority in our company, safety of human lives & safety of structural properties as well as wildlife. Our Tree Surgeons adhere to strict health and safety regulations set out by the government, as well as having public liability Insurance.

Experience – Our Tree Surgeons are highly experienced & have developed there knowledge & expertise through many years of residential and commercial work. From the small jobs to the Impossible jobs, they’ve done it all.

Training – Our Tree Surgeons have gone through rigorous training for necessary qualifications, but also training to gain certificate of competence, to be able to climb trees of height and work with heavy duty machinery.

Equipment – Professional tree surgeons like ourselves will have the necessary equipment and machinery to complete all tasks. From chainsaws, ladders , stump grinders, wood chippers to cranes and much more.

Insurance – Our professional tree surgeons are insured in case of any accidents or injuries that may occur during the course of their work. This insurance will protect you from any financial responsibility if an accident were to occur.

Choosing a professional tree surgeon in Hartburn is the best way to ensure that your tree removal project is completed safely and effectively. With our experience, training, and equipment, we will be able to handle any tree removal project you may have.

We provide On-Site Tree assessments so that you are given an accurate and fair price.




Our friendly experienced team of arborist are the masters of our craft only using the most up to date tree surgery techniques and highly specialized equipment to achieve aesthetically pleasing, healthy maintained trees and falls in line with legal regulations ( TPO, Health & Safety regulations)  .

We understand that trees are an important part of the environment, and we take care to preserve them where possible. However, we also recognise that sometimes it is necessary to remove trees in order to improve safety or aesthetics. Whatever your reasons for needing tree work carried out, we will be able to help you.

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While Tree Removal is necessary in some circumstances, it’s vital to understand there are laws and regulations in place to protect wildlife and preserve trees. That’s why our dedicated team of experts will handle the due diligence for you, include submitting applications to the local council. We make certain that all necessary permissions are granted before proceeding with tree removal. As any negligence cane lead to a 20,000 fine.

Types OF Tree Removal

  • Tree Felling: The most common method of tree removal. This is done by cutting a notch at the bottom of the tree specific to the way you want the tree to fall. Our expert workers perform this method using chainsaws or axes, ensuring precision and control.
  • Section Felling: This is done by utilizing rigging cables to climb the tree and cutting branches & trunk segments which are then lowered to the ground.
  • Bucket Removal: This is method is used when the tree in question has structural damage or rotting meaning it can’t support climbers. Tree surgeons are lifted in a cherry picker, allowing them to cut the tree in sections. This technique requires planning & preparation.
  • Crane Removal: The tree will be cut piece by piece and then lifted out of the area vertically which is then placed in a drop zone or safe location. Due to the space required for the set up and navigation of the tree, care planning is required. This method is used when a tree is to tall to perform felling or a tree is near electrical cables and other structural properties that might be at risk.

Tree removal/felling is a complex task that requires careful assessment and planning for the best possible outcome in the safest manner. Our experienced and expert tree surgeons have developed a strategical process to approach each project.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of lives and properties whilst removing unwanted or hazardous trees. Contact us today for your free consultation. 07476544766



Tree pruning is essential to your tree’s health and aesthetics. It helps trees grown better and live a longer life. Tree pruning is a generic term used to describe the several methods of selective removal of branches on a tree.

Reasons For Tree Trimming & Pruning

  • Safety Reasons: To remove dangerous or defective branches, ensuring your property or pathways are free from hazardous overhanging trees that can fall during severe weather conditions
  • Healthy reasons: Regular tree pruning promotes healthy trees as it enhances air circulation & sunlight penetration.
  • Aesthetic reasons: You may want to design/shape your tree so that it fits well with its immediate environment.
  • Sun Exposure: Your property or garden may currently be limited to the amount of sun exposure it is receiving, that’s why tree trimming greatly increases the natural light on your landscape.

Tree Pruning or Tree Trimming is a general term for various methods of selective removal of branches on a tree. The three specific techniques used in Tree Pruning are Crown Lifting, Crown Thinning and Crown Reduction.

Tree Pruning Techniques

  • Crown Lifting: This technique removes the lowest branches of the tree, lifting the crowns base. Allowing sun exposure and grant access to the trees canopy.
  • Crown Thinning: This is the removal of smaller inner branches, allowing light & air to travel through the crown, and circulate more effectively throughout the canopy.
  • .Crown Reduction: This technique is used to reduce the height and spread of the crown. This is done by cutting the branches evenly throughout the crown.

Tree trimming and pruning requires meticulous consideration and planning. Our team of expert arborist at tree surgeon Hartburn provide the experience and tools to achieve your desired results. If you’re unsure which tree pruning technique you require, get in contact for free advice and tree assessments.

To Discuss Your Tree Service Requirements or to arrange a FREE quotation with our Tree Surgeons in Hartburn Please either fill in the contact us form or Call Us On 07476544766

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stump removal with roots


Tree Stumps are what’s left after a tree has been felled or removed. The leftover stump can be nature’s artistical sculptures or formidable obstacles. If you don’t plan to use your stumps for garden creations such as sundials, planters, or outdoor tables, then we understand why you would want to get this removed since it can cause unwanted pests or fungi and could even lead to hazardous falls/trips.

Our team of tree surgeons provide a quick & efficient removal service for all your stump problems. But you may be wondering whether to have a stump removal or stump grinding. 

What is Stump Removal?

Stump Removal on the other hand is the complete removal of the stump and all roots underground this can be done with excavation equipment, grubbing or manual removal.

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump Grinding is the process of removing a tree stump from the ground. This is done by using a stump grinder which has rotating cutting discs which gradually chips away the stump but only to ground level. Stump grinding doesn’t involve root extraction.

Stump Removal Or Stump Grinding ?

Stump Removal completely eradicates the stump and roots, this is more suitable if you wish to redesign your landscape or have vegetation nearby that could be affected by your stump decaying.

Stump Grinding is a more cost-effective method as the roots will not be extracted. But you do have other worries such as root decay and fungus growth.

We provide expert advice, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Tree Surgeons are well equipped and can remove stumps of all sizes and shapes safely. We also provide aftercare once your stump has been removed filling the remaining cavity with either soil or grinding waste. The area will also be cleared for you leaving no trace behind.

We advise you use us here at Tree Surgeon Hartburn as we have expert knowledge and can provide you with expert removal and grinding of your stumps. 



At Tree Surgeon Hartburn, we recognize the importance of well-maintained hedges in enhancing the overall beauty and aesthetics of your property. We provide hedge maintenance programmes for our residential & commercial clients, as well as carrying out one of hedge trimming, hedge reduction or hedge removal services.

Our Expert arborist possess the knowledge of the when’s & how’s to cut hedges to encourage healthy growth. If your hedges are in areas of pedestrian and vehicular access, then regular maintenance is necessary, as this can be a real hazard to people who are disabled or visually impaired and young children.


  • Box hedges (Buxus sempervirens) , should be trimmed early spring and can be tidied up in September, but should never be severely pruned too often
  • Yew Hedges should be pruned at least once a year and greatly benefit from pruning in late winter to early spring.
  • Holly hedges , these species are best pruned in winter, though shaping can be done in spring.
  • Evergreen Hedges (privet & laurel), we carefully trim them to allow light to reach the lower branches

These are just some of the most common hedges we have done. But our expert arborist are familiar with many other hedge types. As you can see hedge trimming can be an art, from identifying the hedge types to utilizing the correct pruning technique. That’s why our residential and commercial clients call upon us, we get the job done hassle free and sculpt those hedges just the way you want it.

Get in contact with us today if you have any questions regarding our hedge trimming service. We offer free quotes and advice to our beloved locals.

hedge trimming

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How much does a Tree Surgeon Cost in the UK?

The average cost of a tree surgeon in the UK is around £300-£450 per day. This figure depends on the company’s location, expertise level, and overheads. It’s also important to note that tree surgeons work in teams of 3, which could increase the cost to £900 – £1350 per day.

What is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?

A Tree Preservation Order is an order legislated by local councils to protect species of trees, groups of trees, woodlands, and wildlife from deliberate damage and destruction.

What time of year is best for tree surgery?

For emergencies, such as falling branches or trees, it’s best to call immediately, even if you suspect structural damage or decay as these issues can cause the tree to fall. For routine tree work on healthy trees, late autumn through winter and early spring is ideal. However, if you have a valid reason, such as a landscaping project and your tree isn’t subject to a TPO, you can contact a tree surgeon at any time.

Will the council cut down my tree in the UK?

If the property is owned by the council or leased from a landlord to the council, you must obtain permission from your local council for tree removal. However, if you own the property or the land is privately owned, the council won’t be directly involved in tree removal. If the trees on your land are subject to a TPO, you must request permission from the council and provide a valid reason in your application. Regardless of the situation, it’s advisable to confirm with your council, as there are laws and legislation protecting wildlife and plants.

What to look for when hiring a tree surgeon?

The most important things to look for when hiring a tree surgeon are check if the are fully insured, fully accredited and certified. You should then request a quote a quote. It is essential to ask these questions to avoid potential issues, from damage to fines. We provide accreditations, membership numbers, and proof of our insurance policy in all our quotes, which can be sent via email.

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