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If you’re wondering if tree surgeons offer hedge trimming services, then you can be happy to hear hedge cutting & trimming is a bag part of tree service work. Our professional tree surgeons are you go to for professionals for hedge trimming. With their vast arborist knowledge and experience of trimming. You can be certain your hedges will be cared by the best. The first step to hedge trimming is identifying the species of the hedges so that they are pruned in the correct way.

Our professional tree surgeon Stockton cater to both residential and commercial clients who require hedge trimming services. Unmaintained hedges can cause disputes and complaints from local council, neighbours & highway authorities, as hedges must be below 2 metres. As well as hedge trimming, we offer shrub & ivy removal.

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Our tree surgeons are licensed to operate chainsaw, woodchippers and other specialized equipment required. So get you hedges trimmed to perfection today. Another reason to choose our tree surgeons for your hedge trimming services is that they’re certified arborist meaning they can recognise different hedge species, this valuable knowledge is imperative as different species need different treatments and need to be pruned at different times.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we provide reliable & affordable prices for all our hedge trimming services. Get your hedges trimmed by our professional arborists!

Hedge Trimming and Maintenance

Established hedges should be trimmed to keep them dense and compact. Formal hedges require more frequent pruning than informal hedges. We work on all types of hedges, from coniferous or mixed hedges to traditional oak and yew hedges. We can advise and manage hedge maintenance programs as well as carry out all aspects of hedge trimming, reduction and removal. We can also maintain your landscape plants and even supply new hedges for replanting from our suppliers. We have aerial platforms and accompanying telescopic pruning equipment that are essential for extremely tall and complex projects, and can work on all types and sizes of hedges. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best hedge trimming service in Stockton and always guarantee 100% satisfaction and affordable prices.

Hedge Trimming FAQs

Are You Insured to cut my hedges?

Our Tree Surgeons carry fully comprehensive insurance to guarantee you a piece of mind. We will also carry out risk assessments on any place of works before undertaking any work.

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