How Much do Tree Surgeons Charge in the UK?

The average hourly rate for a tree surgeon is £40 per hour to £300 a day, this cost can easily be multiplied by the 3. As Tree Surgeons tend to work in a team of 3 meaning your costs could come up to £900 a day. There are other factors that could affect the price of the job, such as your location as prices will be cheaper in suburbs areas then big cities like London.

Tree Removal Costs In The UK

Tree Surgeons costs varies based on several factors, such as tree size, type, location, accessibility, and potential hazards. But from our experience is professional tree surgeons we have found the cost to range from £500 to £3,500 for tree removal services in the UK. These figures are estimates and you will always need an in-person assessment to get a better price range.  

tree removal with cherry picker, to show the cost of a tree surgeon

Factors influencing Tree Surgeon Costs

Several key factors affect the costs associated with hiring a tree surgeon:

Tree Size and Complexity

Larger trees, this is self-explanatory as larger trees require more resources, time and planning for safe removal or pruning. This will mean larger trees will cost significantly more.

Location and Accessibility

If the trees are in inaccessible or hard to reach locations, this means specialized equipment like cherry pickers or cranes will need to be used. This will increase the cost due to the company either having to rent out a cherry picker or transporting it for use.

Tree Health and Condition

The overall health and condition of the tree can impact costs. Diseased, decaying, or high-risk trees may necessitate extra precautions during removal, affecting the overall expense. The Tree Surgeons may need to set out aftercare plans for the tree’s to either stop spreading of the disease or remedy the tree’s health.

Additional services

Some tree surgeons may include additional services such as stump grinding or waste removal in their pricing, while others may charge extra for these services.

Average Tree Surgeon Costs in Durham

Here’s a breakdown of average tree surgeon costs in the UK for common tree services:

Tree Pruning/Trimming Costs

Average Tree pruning costs.

  • Small tree (up to 25 ft): £200 – £300
  • Medium tree (25-50 ft): £300 – £600
  • Large tree (50+ ft): £400 – £2,000 or more

Tree Removal costs

Average Tree Removal Costs.

  • Small tree (up to 25 ft): £300 – £500
  • Medium tree (25-50 ft): £500 – £1,000
  • Large tree (50+ ft): £1,000 – £2,500 or more

Stump Removal/Grinding Costs

Average Stump Removal Costs

  • Small stump: £60 – £150
  • Medium stump: £150 – £300
  • Large stump: £300 – £500 or more

Hedge Trimming costs

Average Hedge Trimming Costs

  • Small hedge: £50 – £150
  • Medium hedge: £150 – £300
  • Large hedge: £300 – £700 or more


Please note that these are average price ranges and can vary based on tree size, complexity, accessibility, and your specific location within the UK. To get a more accurate estimate for your project, Please Contact us.